• Buzz Lightyear as Honker
  • Woody as Gosalyn
  • Hamm as Liquidator
  • Ms Potato Head as Singers #1
  • Mr Potato Head as Singers #2
  • Dolly as Darkwing Duck
  • Big Baby as Megavolt
  • Chunk as Launchpad
  • Picklepants as Steelbeak
  • Sparks as Eggmen
  • Peas as Bushroot
  • Trixie as Quacker Jack
  • Rex as Mr Banana Brain
  • Jessie as Tank
  • Bullseye as Darkwarror Duck
  • Stretch as Quiverwing Quack
  • Bookworm as Posiduck
  • Twitch as Morgana
  • Ken as Stegmutt
  • Chatter Telephone as Whiffle Boy
  • Buttercup as Wolfduck
  • Barbie as Neptuia
  • Aliens as The High Command
  • Zurg as Nega Duck

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