Toy Story World is a theme park in the UK with the Toy Story characters and moving rides. There is also a shop and a photo taker.


Woody and Jessie's Spinning Hats-Ride in Woody or Jessie's hat!

Buzz's Flying Spaceships-Make yourself as high as you like in Buzz's Spaceships (Watch out for Zurg!)

Slinky's Moving Spring-Climb into Slinky's slink and ride in a circle.

Mr Potato Head's Throw A Ball-Throw balls at Mr Potato Head. Knock 3 parts off Mr Potato Head and win Classic Mr Potato Head. 3 tries for £10.00!

Soldier Drop Tower-Sit inside parachute seats and go up and down with Sarge's parachutes.

Hamm Earthquake-Sit inside Hamm's body (with no cork) and an dark earthquake will start.

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