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  • Toy Story clips
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends sounds
  • TUGS sounds
  • The Simpsons sounds
  • South Park sounds
  • Sonic the Hedgehog sounds
  • Shining Time Station sounds
  • The Lion King sounds
  • Shrek sounds
  • Sesame Street sounds

Toy Story/Crash Bandicoot

This is Toy Story/Crash Bandicoot


  • Woody as Crash Bandicoot
  • Jessie as Coco Bandicoot
  • Hamm as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Bo Peep as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Bullseye as Aku Aku
  • Buzz Lightyear as Polar

Thomas/Crash Bandicoot

This is Thomas/Crash Bandicoot


  • Thomas as Crash Bandicoot
  • Emily as Coco Bandicoot
  • Gordon as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Lady as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Toby as Aku Aku
  • Percy as Polar

TUGS/Crash Bandicoot

This is TUGS/Crash Bandicoot


  • Ten Cents as Crash Bandicoot
  • Lillie Lightship as Coco Bandicoot
  • Big Mac as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Sailor Moon as Tawna Bandicoot
  • OJ as Aku Aku
  • Sunshine as Polar

The Simpsons/Crash Bandicoot

This is The Simpsons/Crash Bandicoot


  • Bart Simpson as Crash Bandicoot
  • Lisa Simpson as Coco Bandicoot
  • Homer Simpson as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Marge Simpson as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Grandpa Abe as Aku Aku
  • Milhouse Van Houten as Polar

South Park/Crash Bandicoot

This is South Park/Crash Bandicoot


  • Stan Marsh as Crash Bandicoot
  • Wendy Testaburger as Coco Bandicoot
  • Chef as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Carol McCormick as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Mr. Garrison as Aku Aku
  • Kenny McCormick as Polar

Sonic the Hedgehog/Crash Bandicoot

This is Sonic the Hedgehog/Crash Bandicoot


  • Sonic as Crash Bandicoot
  • Amy Rose as Coco Bandicoot
  • Knuckles as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Cream as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Chuck Thorndyke as Aku Aku
  • Tails as Polar

Shining Time Station/Crash Bandicoot

This is Shining Time Station/Crash Bandicoot


  • RS Mr. Conductor as Crash Bandicoot
  • Stacy Jones as Coco Bandicoot
  • Billy Twofeathers as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Tanya as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Edwund as Aku Aku
  • GC Mr. Conductor as Polar

The Lion King/Crash Bandicoot

This is The Lion King/Crash Bandicoot


  • Abult Simba as Crash Bandicoot
  • Abult Nala as Coco Bandicoot
  • Mufasa as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Kiara as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Uncle Max as Aku Aku
  • Young Simba as Polar

Shrek/Crash Bandicoot

This is Shrek/Crash Bandicoot


  • Pinocchio as Crash Bandicoot
  • Princess Fiona as Coco Bandicoot
  • King Harold as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Snow White as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Magic Mirror as Aku Aku
  • Gingy as Polar

Sesame Street/Crash Bandicoot

This is Sesame Street/Crash Bandicoot


  • Big Bird as Crash Bandicoot
  • Zoe as Coco Bandicoot
  • Cookie Monster as Crunch Bandicoot
  • Abby as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Telly as Aku Aku
  • Snuffy as Polar

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