• Red Bird as Big Bird
  • White Bird as Snuffleupagus
  • Mickey Mouse as Elmo
  • Bulstrode as Oscar the Grouch
  • Insectosaurus as Cookie Monster
  • Jeremy as The Count
  • Diesel 10 as Grover
  • Doglion as Ernie
  • Byron as Bert
  • Butch as Telly Monster
  • Den as Baby Bear
  • Annie as Zoe
  • Elizabeth as Prairie Dawn
  • Hector as Herry Monster
  • Colin as Barkley
  • Harold as Rosita
  • Bloo as Abby Cadabby
  • Charlie as Guy Smiley
  • Kelly, Rocky and Molly as Honkers
  • Victor as Dinger
  • Orange and the Poopsmith as The Martians
  • James With Lamp as Stuie Monster
  • Homestar, The Cheat and Reynold as The Squirrelles
  • Gunhaver, Orange and Homestar Runner as The Aristocrats
  • Several Toys as The Anything People
  • Various Toys as The Anything Monsters


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