Cast knuckle Joe as woody brick from power puff girls as buzz lighter princess peach as Bo peep pikachiu as slinky dog juilo from bakugan as rocky krillen as Hamm bot from team umizommi as robot jermy from code lyoko as typing machine kaa as snake shadow the hedgehog as RC car goku as Rex geo from team umizommi as sarge the lost boys as sarge's soilders cosmo as Lenny Kirby from the brave little toaster as the shark pokemon as the aliens tuff as mr. Potato head boomer from the power puff girls as Sid bubble from the power puff girls as Hannah old chief as scud Bart simpson as roller bob coco as legs agamo as rock mobile chula the trantula as baby face ripper roo as hand in the box boots the monkey as the frog esgargon as jingle Joe swiper the fox as walking car charmy Bee as ducky dolly and doll rodan as the perodacty rono as buring doll max from cats don't dance as red bumpy car Kyle as nail in the head Stan as zombie tepig as dirty guy Cartmen as Andy Davis cartmen's mom as mrs. Davis Ike as Molly scooby doo as etch mowgli as Jungle kid Kenny as combat Carl

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