Tracey's Big Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.

Plot of this movie

  • The movie starts with Tracey Sketchit waking up at 7:00am. He calls his brothers Dr. Wiseman and Gulzar and they all head downstairs to the kitchen, where both DJ Mary and Professor Elm are cooking up delicious scrambled eggs. After eating them, they go outside and meet Roy, The Mandarin Island Trainer, Dr. Quackenpoker, Poncho and a new friend in town called Shinobu Hiryuin. Tracey and his friends sing What A Long Life. In Kay's room, she has just brushed up her hair and goes downstairs where her parents Anne and Len and her grandfather Roger are waiting. In Lyn's room, she is practicing sword lessons when Female Trainer arrives, she explains that Grace and Emily are having a feast. Lyn agrees and she hurries along. Somewhere in Lok Lambert's room, he and Sophie Casterwill are moving to the beat as they sing Rolling About. Back outside, Shinobu falls in love with Rachel Cruz, a Beywarriors character, who tells him to date him and he accepts. Meanwhile, in Izumi Maki's room, she has brushed up her hair and is in her causal outfit with opaque purple tights. Jun Aoi follows the same way and the two play together. Somehow later, Tracey is looking for a safer place when he bumps into Nagare Akatsuki, Izumi's boyfriend and Seiya Uribatake, Jun's boyfriend. The two sing Being Cool Means Being Smart, leaving Tracey speechless. A few days later, DJ Mary and Professor Elm discover that it is the prom night and Maria Wong and her boyfriend Brock Leighton (both from Braceface) make their first appearances. Maria asks DJ Mary to be entered in the prom night and she accepts. Roxanne (from Ultimate Muscle), Wiseman's girlfriend, also agrees to enter the prom. Meanwhile, Shinobu and Rachel are practicing their dance lessons when Rachel's younger brother Jimmy Cruz appears. He explains that Gulzar has a girlfriend named Shannon Marley (from Magical Doremi) and Rachel is delighted. That night starts the prom and Tracey sings All What I Do. However, the prom night is interrupted when Tracey's archenemy, The Skeleton King (from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go), shows up. TMIT decides to handle this skeleton guy and he sends him packing. Quite soon after that, the film finishes with Kay kissing Tracey on his cheek for saving the day.


  1. Tracey Sketchit
  2. Dr. Wiseman
  3. Gulzar
  4. DJ Mary
  5. Professor Elm
  6. Roy
  7. The Mandarin Island Trainer
  8. Dr. Quackenpoker
  9. Poncho
  10. Shinobu Hiryuin
  11. Kay
  12. Anne
  13. Len
  14. Roger
  15. Female Trainer
  16. Grace
  17. Emily
  18. Lyn
  19. Lok Lambert
  20. Sophie Casterwill
  21. Rachel Cruz
  22. Izumi Maki
  23. Jun Aoi
  24. Nagare Akatsuki
  25. Seiya Uribatake
  26. Maria Wong
  27. Brock Leighton
  28. Roxanne
  29. Jiminy Cruz
  30. Shannon Marley


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