The pokemon watcher who gets into accidents. Character from the Pokemon anime series.

Character Bio

Name: Tracey "Kenji" Sketchit

Addressed as: Tracey-kun, Mr. Sketchit

Age: 16

Birthdate: Unknown

Likes: Pokemon watching, drawing, Daisy, friends.

Dislikes:Geting into accidents, fighting.

Mugenjou Status

Tracey is a sophomore at Mugenjou High. He's from the Orange Islands and traveled with Ash and Misty during the Orange League. He decided to stay in Pallet Town and work as a Professor Oak's assistant. He had heard about Ash and the gang attending to school in Mugenjou, he decided to go there and send more of his pokemon data over to Professor Oak.

He's very friendly and yet he gets into accidents such as getting bitten by a cat, punched in the face, and had a desk thrown at him. He tries to stay opimistic while recovering through his injuries.

He has a girlfriend named Daisy, who is one of Misty's older sisters. She would often write to him.


None at the moment.


Tracey Sketchit's Journal

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