Tracey and The Golden Fleece is a fan-fiction TV Movie created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie resolves on Tracey Sketchit (from Pokemon) the main character. His partner is Marill, his girlfriend is Kay (from Stage Fight), his best friends are The Mandarin Island Trainer (from The Mandarin Island Miss Match), Captain Aidan (from The Pokemon Water War and The Fire-ing Squad), Dr. Quackenpoker (from The Wacky Watcher), Drake (from Hello, Pummelo and Enter The Dragonite) and Poncho (from The Underground Round-Up), his younger brother is Gulzar (from Pokemon Food Fight), his rival is Lok Lambert (from Huntik: Secrets and Seekers), his total crush is Pepper Ann (from Pepper Ann), his enemies are The Ghost of Geronimo (from Decoy For A Dognapper) and The Tiki Witch Doctor (from A Tiki Scare Is No Fair), his mother is Mrs. Sketchit, Kay's partner is Raichu, Kay's total crush is Brad (Pepper's boyfriend, from My Life As A Teenage Robot), The Mandarin Island Trainer's partner is Tauros, The Mandarin Island Trainer's girlfriend is Female Trainer (from One Trick Phony), The Mandarin Island Trainer's rival is Gaara (from Naruto), Aidan's partner is Wartortle, Aidan's girlfriend is Ruby (from Snack Attack), Quackenpoker's partner is Magikarp, Quackenpoker's girlfriend is Grace (from Pros and Con Artists and Come What May), Quackenpoker's total crush is Jane Jetson (from The Jetsons), Drake's partner is Dragonite, Drake's girlfriend is Luana (from Pokemon Double Trouble), Poncho's partner is Diglett, Poncho's girlfriend is Emily (from Take This House and Shuppet), Poncho's total crush is Sakura Haruno (also from Naruto), Ruby's total crush is Kei Kusanagi (from Please Teacher), Ruby's enemy is Android 18 (from Dragonball Z), Gulzar's partner is Gloom, Gulzar's girlfriend is Lee Lee (from Dexter'sLaboratory), Lok's girlfriend is Sophie Casterwill (Kay's rival, also from Huntik: Secrets and Seekers), Brad's younger brother is Tuck (also from My Life As A Teenage Robot), Kei's girlfriend is Topaz (from Sonic X), Gaara's girlfriend is Inaho (Female Trainer's rival, also from Naruto), Grace's total crush is Timmy (Jane's boyfriend, from Disaster of Disguise and Disguise Da Limit), Emily's total crush is Steven (Sakura's boyfriend, from A Hole Lotta Trouble) there's also Gilbert (from Journey To The Starting Line), Gilbert's partner is Bulbasaur and Gilbert's girlfriend is Annabel (from Totally Crushed). The Movie premiered on July 6, 2001.


  1. Tracey Sketchit
  2. Marill
  3. Kay
  4. The Mandarin Island Trainer
  5. Captain Aidan
  6. Dr. Quackenpoker
  7. Drake
  8. Poncho
  9. Gulzar
  10. Lok Lambert
  11. Pepper Ann
  12. The Ghost of Geronimo
  13. The Tiki Watch Doctor
  14. Mrs. Sketchit
  15. Raichu
  16. Brad
  17. Tauros
  18. Female Trainer
  19. Gaara
  20. Wartortle
  21. Ruby
  22. Magikarp
  23. Grace
  24. Jane Jetson
  25. Dragonite
  26. Luana
  27. Diglett
  28. Emily
  29. Sakura Haruno
  30. Kei Kusanagi
  31. Android 18
  32. Gloom
  33. Lee Lee
  34. Sophie Casterwill
  35. Tuck
  36. Topaz
  37. Inaho
  38. Timmy
  39. Steven
  40. Gilbert
  41. Bulbasaur
  42. Annabel

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