Trade Federation MTT
Set Trade Federation MTT
Film The Phantom Menace
Pilot(s) Pilot Battle Droid
Vehicle type Ground vehicle
Affiliated with Trade Federation
Crew Battle Droids, Droideka
Release date June 2007 (latest)

This article is part of the Star Wars Lego mini-wiki.

The Trade Federation MTT stands for "Multiple troop transport" and used to transport battle droids by the Trade Federation. MTTs only feature in The Phantom Menace.

The Latest Set

The original MTT was released in 2000, but in June 2007 an improved MTT was released. This set also comes with the first battle droids which can hold blasters the proper way. It also comes with a brand new Droideka, which can't roll up in a ball like the classic ones.

The Original


The classic MTT.

The picture for the original is shown here. This one isn't as big or long as the newest one.


There has also been a mini MTT set.

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