Kicking Hawk's Nuts

Virtually kicking Hawk's manhood is one of the favored past times of the Bombshelter. Its very often you see someone kicking him in the nuts. In fact, there's a whole topic dedicated to this past times, and in there you can think of brutal, brutal things to do with his nuts... as long as it hurts that is. This passtime was originated by Sorcererking.

This may sound horrifying but relax, Hawk has no nuts.

They were bitten off by Elsquanto when Hawk, in the process of having his balls sucked, lowered them far enough to touch the back of El's mouth triggering a gag reflex when El quickly closed his mouth.


The Kissass

It all started after The Gay Porn Incident. Littlebro told him he had to do things like get him a new car and give him chocolates. Shadow did that and more, and after everyone found out what he did to become a moderator, he has been called Kissass ever since.

It has recentlr been unveiled that Shadow had in fact gave Littlebro a blowjob and willingly allowed him to cum on his face.

Pissing Off Ctg

Near when the board started, pissing off ctg was common, and half of the time, not even intentional. It's often ctg gets into arguments on one matter or another and always has fights with someone involving flames and such. Mosha seems to be the one enjoying these arguments with ctg the most.

Virtual World War

The more active members of the site often from time to time, have a debate about which country is better and which ones suck. Often countries that are included in this are: the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Most of the time its just those three, but there's always someone waving their Asian Flag, and hell, even France is mentioned just to be made fun of. Though, through all of this, everyone (including the Americans and British) can agree, that Canada is the best country ever.

The Chester Confession

Many of the more active users always torture KFChester by saying he's gay. This started with the realization of his massive obsessions with Cusma. Chester insists he's the most non-gay person, but we keep trying to get it out of him. It's just a matter of time until he breaks down and openly admits.

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