Several trailers have been revealed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The following is a list of these trailers as well as the information revealed.

E3 2006 Announcement Trailer

This trailer was the first to be revealed, at E3 2006. It showed the following:

  • The title
  • The return of Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus, and Pikachu as playable characters
  • The revelations of Battlefield, Castle Siege, and Battleship Halberd as playable stages
  • The concept of a Final Smash
  • The revelations of Meta Knight, Pit, and Wario as new characters, and Zero Suit Samus as a playable alternate of Samus
  • After the logo is shown, Snake is revealed to be the first third-party playable character
  • The release date is listed as "Coming Soon"

2006 Nintendo World Trailer

This second trailer was revealed later in 2006. It showed the following:

  • The return of Fox as a playable character
  • The revelations of Mario Circuit, Pokémon Stadium 2, Shadow Moses Island, Yoshi's Island, Skyworld, and Lylat Cruise as playable stages
  • The concept of crawling, seen being used by Pikachu and Snake
  • The release date is listed as "2007"

E3 2007 Presentation

This short clip was played at E3 2007. No new information was shown, but several stages and characters revealed on the official website were shown for the first time. However, Donkey Kong can be seen briefly, a day before he was confirmed on the site. The same day, the release date was confirmed as December 3, 2007.

"Snake Joins the Brawl!" Presentation

This short presentation, featuring Snake dueling Mario, was featured as part of a 20 Years of Metal Gear celebration at the Tokyo Game Show and later featured on the official site.

"Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Brawl!" Presentation

This short presentation, featuring Sonic dueling Mario, was featured at the Nintendo Conference on October 10 and featured on the official site. It confirmed Sonic after years of rumors.

2007 Nintendo Conference Trailer

This is the fourth official trailer for the game. It features various confirmed characters fighting on stages revealed on the website for the first time. Revealed Norfair and the Summit.

Subspace Emissary Trailer

This trailer for the Subspace Emissary was released in late 2007. It shows various gameplay scenes and cutscenes.

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