Train Story is the Thomas/Toy Story parody movie, featuring Thomas an old fashioned Tank Engine and His Best Friend Percy the Small Engine and a wise cracking engine Gordon the Big Engine and more.


(Tagline) No train gets left behind.

At Sodor Gas Station:

(Percy) Because of you, the security of this entire island is in jeopardy!

(Thomas) What?! What are you talking about?!

(Percy) Right now, poised to the edge of the island, Evil Emperor Diesel 10 has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate the entire island! And you my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendezvous island!

(Thomas) YOU... ARE... A... TRAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!!!!! You're not the real Percy Lightyear, you are a saddletank, you're just a green, small engine!

(Percy) You're just a sad strange little train for your pity, farewell!

(Thomas) Oh yeah, well, good riddance, ya' loony!

At Thumper Machine:

(Diesel) A Percy Lightyear?! No Way! Yes!

(Thomas) Percy, no!

(Diesel) Hey!

(Truck 1) He has been chosen!

(Truck 2) And Must Go!

(Trucks) (as they start attacking Thomas) You must not fight Thumper! (Do not fight Thumper!)

(Thomas) What are you doing?! Stop it! Stop it, you zealots! (Trucks talking at once)

At Diesel's Backyard:

(Diesel) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

(Thomas) (voice box) Reach for the sky!

(Diesel) Huh?

(Thomas) (voice box) This town ain't big enough for the 2 of us! Somebody's poisoned the water hole.

(Diesel) It's busted.

(Thomas) (voice box) Who are you calling "busted", buster? That's right. I'm talking to you, Diesel Phillips. We don't like being scrapped or burnt. That's right, your trains! (trains approaching to Diesel) (Diesel Screaming) From now on, you must take good care of your trains! But if you don't, we'll find out Diesel, we trains can see everything!

(Thomas) (Normal Voice) So play Nice.

(Diesel) AAAAGHH! No! You haven't seen the last of me

(Thomas) We did it, We did it!

(Diesel) (to Rosie) The Trains! The Trains WERE alive! Nice Cora! AAH!

(Rosie) What's wrong Diesel, you don't want to play with Cora? (Diesel sobbing)

At the Chase Scene:

(car honking and beeping)

(Stationmaster's Wife) Get outta that car!

(Painter) Move it!

At Sir Handel's House:

(Sir Handel) Wow! Gremlin!

(Thomas) (chuckling)

At Derek's Train Barn at The Percy Lightyear Section where Percy is punished by Percy 2:

(Percy) No, no, guys, you've got the wrong Percy! (You've got the wrong Percy!)

(Spencer): It's your choice Thomas. You can go back or you can stay with us and last forever.

At Sodor Airport at The Baggage and Luggage Claim:

(Percy) I'm coming, Thomas!

(Spencer) Take that, saddletank!

(Thomas) Hey! No one does that to my friend!

(Spencer) It's your choice, Thomas, you can go to Thomas and Friends Exhibition together, or in pieces have fix you once I can fix you again, now get in the box!

(Thomas) Never!

(Spencer) Fine!

(Percy) Gotcha!

(Spencer) Idiots! Children destroy trains! You'll be ruined forgotten spending loading in some landfill!

(Thomas) Well Spencer, I think its time you learned the true meaning of playtime right over there guys!

(Spencer) No Noooooooo!!!!!!!! Noooooooooo!

At The Baggage and Luggage pick up:

(Bridget Hatt) That private engine needs a make up!

(Spencer) (sobs)

Introducing to Freddie:

(Thomas) Hello, there!

(Freddie) (SHUSHING)

(Billy) Look, that guy is asking you a question!

(Freddie) Can't you see, I'm trying to stay in character!!!

(Flora) Hello, My name is Flora!

(Freddie) (SHUSHING)


At The Vending Machine:

(Farmer) This is a duck.

(Duck) (quacks)

(Daisy) (fire alarm ringing) I won!

(Splatter) What do you expect from a Giant Crane?

(Cranky) I'm not a Giant Crane, I'm not! Why do you all keep saying that?

Percy in Spanish Mode:

(Gordon) To restart Percy Lightyear, insert...

(Thomas) Henry, use your wheel!

(Emily) Did you fix Percy? (Mexican Music playing)

(Percy) (IN SPANISH)

Percy's Voice Box Spanish Announcer Scene:

(Percy) (IN SPANISH)

At the close to the melting pot:

(Thomas) George! Help me! Push that button, so we won't get scrapped!

(Percy) Push that button!

(George) What's Your Kid Now, Engine!


George's Defeat:

(Sir Lowham Hatt) Hey, those are 1 of the trains I've got when I was a kid!

(Toad) Psst! Hey buddy, we don't know who you are!

(George) (sobbing)

Diesel 10 Being Donated:

(Victor the Old Train) New Trains!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 1 (3D Release) (also in IMAX 3D)

Part 2 (3D Release) (also in IMAX 3D)

Part 3 (3D) (also in IMAX 3D)