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Getting Started at Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff

Yes, Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff is a role play, but it is different from any role play you have probably ever tried before and it is different whether this is your first role play or you are an old hand.

First, this is a wiki rather than a web board which means you need to learn to edit with wiki code. You also need to put this piece of code at the bottom of every page you create. [[category:Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff]] This lets Wikia know that the page you just made is part of the Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff role play.

Second, you can edit every page here. Say that three times fast. That said, please don't drasticly rewrite another user's content. That is the wiki role play version of godmoding and power playing. Don't leave your role play etiquette at the door.

Third, you can edit other pages to add a link to your own. This is especially good when you and another user have differing accounts of the same event. Just link the two accounts together and don't rewrite the other user's work. He or she should in turn leave your version alone. This way other readers can compare the two versions.

Fourth, a wiki role play is tabula rasa and organic. There are no premade categories or locations. You create what you need with your words and images. The wiki allows image uploading. Please read the copyright rules though. Respect intellectual property.

Fifth, to get started at Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff, create a page for your character(s) and link it to the Character Introductions page. I may also set up a similar directory page for setting elements so people have some idea where to go.

Sixth, writing to a blank sheet is very scarey. Get used to it. It actually gets to be fun pretty quickly.

Seventh, this role play is the ultimate botom up and organic experience. It will grow in the direction the characters want and need. That is how wikis work.

Eighth, This role play's voice is FIRST PERSON multiple. It has to be multiple because there are multiple characters, but you will write about your character(s) in their own voices. That means "I went to the shopping mall," NOT "Candi went to the shopping m all." This is very different from most other role plays but it helps keep you focused on what is important because you are inside your character's skin when you write.

First person narration, will undoubtedly create alternate accounts of events. Such is life. That is how the real world works and how Bikes and Kites works too.

Ninth, you can have child, adolescent, or adult characters. There should be room for anything that is nonmagical.

Tenth, I can't make you do it, but please respect set and setting. Greenup County is miles from the ocean. The only beach is fresh water. There is snow at higher elevations, but winters are fairly mild. And yes, there is more to life than malls. If someone is really good with Appalachian culture, it would be great to add some of that here. I'm not so we'll just have to suffer.

That is pretty much it. Start roleing (sic) in and enjoy! Oh and don't forget to login/register!

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