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'Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): '"I feel it.........."

Gordon (Barret's dialogue): "What is it?"

Thomas (Cloud's Dialogue): "Aeris is here....and so is Sephiroth."

Gordon (Barret's dialogue): "Wh-what?!? Sephiroth?!?"

Percy (Cid's dialogue): "Hey, how do you know!?"

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue) "It's not an excuse, I feel it in my soul."

Gordon (Barret's dialogue): "Then we better get up offa our lazy [Bleep]!!

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "Right, let's hurry and find Aeris."

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "Aeris?"

Percy (Cid's dialogue): "Cloud!"

Gordon (Barret's dialogue) "Stop it!"

Percy (Cid's dialogue) "Dumb [Bleep]!"

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue) "Ugh....what are you making me do?"

It looks like Emily (Aeris' character model) looks up from her praise mood with a smiling face.

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "Aeris........."

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "This can't be real!"

Diesel 10 (Sephiroth's dialogue): "Do not worry, soon the girl will become part of the planet's energy, all that is left is to go North, the 'Promised Land' waits for me over snowy fields, there, I will become a new being by uniting with the planet, as will this girl......"

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "Shut up........the cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing, Aeris is gone, Aeris will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry or get angry......what about us? what are >we< supposed to do? what about my pain? my fingers are tingling, my mouth is dry, my eyes are burning."

Diesel 10 (Sephiroth's dialogue): "What are you saying? are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?"

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "Of course, who do you think I am?!?"

Diesel 10 (Sephiroth's dialogue): "Ha, ha, ha......stop acting as if you were sad, there's no need to act as though you're angry either."

Diesel 10 (Sephiroth's dialogue): "Because, Cloud, you are...........

Spencer (Jenova's dialogue): "Because you are...... a puppet."

Thomas (Cloud's dialogue): "I'm....... a puppet?"

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