Transdimensional Void Runners is a "multiversal" scenario involving various parallel universes. Certain sects/factions of the Hesychast Order in the Universe of the Magisterium have discovered a paranormal occultic ritual (psychic with the powers of the mind or a more purely magical/theurgical/supernatural power soucre) that allows them to jump to various versions of the planet Earth in various universes. These monks and nuns obviously intend to export the Official Magisterium's influence to these new Earths in new universes.

Meanwhile, the artificially intelligent machines that rule the version of Earth in the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne have developed a more technologically-oriented way of reaching the same parallel Earths with vehicles equipped with a modified version of the time-dilation drive normally used in interstellar space flight.

Both factions have discovered that the various versions of Earth are a transdimensional nexus point allowing travel between parallel universes/dimensions.

Now, other factions have obtained the means to be Transdimensional Void Runners.

Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller in TVR Jumpweb of the Known Universe in TVR Harry Potter Universe in TVR Void of Earth's Solar System in TVR Buck Rogers XXVC in TVR Star Wars Universe in TVR Robotech in TVR Transformers in TVR Galaxy Rangers in TVR Exosquad in TVR His Dark Materials in TVR Old Republic Earth Franco-German Earth

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