A ceremony of the Enochiian School that takes place during the festival of Bakyaqaats where novice candidates are initiated within the Halls of the Adeptii. The ritual procedure which included the novice’s investiture as helek of the School takes place during a 6- interstitial eclipse of Tefireth where all six of the inner system planets are juxtaposed between Equinox and Tefireth while Equinox and the inner planets were in the orbital decant closest to Keser and Keser is in opposition to Tefireth.

The electrogravitic forces brought into play by this astronomical event activate the esters within the bark of the Sequoia Adeptus that carry the transformative chemical transmitter lysergic pentabanol xyloethylamide (C30H36NO6). The bark transmitters release this complex ester that when assimilated by Homo sapiens either transcutaneously, i.e. through the skin, or by inhalation causes irreversible changes in human brain chemistry.

The effect is not unpleasant and positively transformational. Cognitive scientists hypothesize that LVX alters the base-wave frequency of the human cerebral cortex, and causes the pineal gland to secrete a specific serotonin modifier. The indications of these alterations in the brain’s chemical balance are the subject’s altered awareness of his surroundings, and an altered perspective of his “place” within the Universe.

Master Joshua Sinclair received the Transformation during Premthoth at Beshrith, as the Enochiian Hall Mishkan Cela’a is also known, on July 23, 2785 CE. This date is used by most Enochiian historians and Imperial scholars to mark the founding of the Enochiian School.

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