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  • Optimus Prime as Henry (Not Thomas! Henry and Optimus are both caring and a bit worrisome)
  • Bumblebee as Percy
  • Arcee as Emily
  • Ratchet as Edward
  • Kup as Cranky
  • Ironhide as Gordon
  • Cliffjumper as Thomas
  • Hound as Toby
  • Sideswipe as James
  • Sunstreaker as Duck
  • Megatron as Diesel
  • Sam Witwicky as The Fat Controller
  • Fallen as Diesel 10
  • Starscream as Splatter
  • Blackout as Dodge
  • Violet (My made-up Autobot) as Lady
  • Huffer as Donald
  • Gears as Douglas
  • Blaster as Oliver
  • Sky Lynx as Harold
  • Mini Cons as Troublesome Trucks
  • Ravage as The Spiteful Break Van
  • Rodimus Prime as Stepney
  • Chromia and Elita One as Annie and Clarabel
  • Jolt as Bertie
  • Wheeljack as Terence
  • Prowl as Trevor
  • Zilta (my made-up Female Autobot) as Henrietta
  • Hoist as Toad
  • Voltarona (my made-up Decepticon) as Daisy
  • Springer as BoCo
  • Starscream as Dennis
  • Rumble and Frenzy as Iron Arry and Iron Bert
  • Wheelie as Derek
  • Devastator as George
  • Soundwave as Bulgy
  • Star Wars, Pokemon, Sonic Characters as the Narrow Guage Engines
  • Luke Skywalker as Skarloey
  • Han Solo as Rheneas
  • R2-D2 as Sir Handel
  • C-3PO as Peter Sam
  • Obi-wan Kenobi as Duke
  • Pikachu as Rusty
  • Meowth as Duncan
  • Sonic as Fearless Freddie
  • Silver as Bertram
  • Tails as Proteus
  • Heavy and Bomb as Mighty Mac
  • Ash Ketchum as Mr. Percival
  • Blurr as Salty
  • Metroplex as Hank
  • Knuckles as Harvey
  • Hot Rod as Arthur
  • Ultra Magnus as Murdoch
  • Galvatron as Spencer
  • Smokescreen as Fergus
  • Jazz as Neville
  • Gionaro (My made-up Autobot) as Molly
  • Optimus Nimo (my made-up Autobot) as Rosie
  • Sunstreaker as Billy
  • Longarm as Butch
  • Jetfire as Hiro
  • Stormwave (My made-up Autobot) as Kevin
  • Nivotron (My made-up Autobot) as Victor
  • Unicron as Thumper
  • Millzila (My made-up Autobot) as Madge
  • Nionta (My made-up Autobot) as Flora
  • Super Magnus (My made-up Autobot) as Hank
  • Cyclonus as Diesel D261
  • Sailoton (My made-up Autobot) as Whiff
  • Typiticon as Hector
  • Red Alert as Stanley
  • Skydive as Jeremy
  • Gina (My made-up Autobot) as Elizabeth
  • Dinobots, Other made-up Decepticons and Autobots as Jack and the Pack
  • Grimlock as Byron
  • Slag as Patrick
  • Snarl as Jack
  • Sludge as Alfie
  • Swoop as Oliver (Pack)
  • Venomous and Nitrous (My made-up Decepticon Twins) as Max and Monty
  • Crano (My made-up Autobot) as Isabella
  • Nitro (My made-up Autobot) as Kelly
  • Mr. Supreme (My made-up autobot) Ned
  • Mr. Prime (My made-up Autobot) as Buster
  • Mr. Neo (My made-up Autobot) as Nelson
  • Ninal (My made-up Autobot) as Caroline


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