Transformers Season 1

1.Team bullet Train to the rescue - The Autobots are trying to protect the Linear RFG, the fastest train in the world. First appearance of Team bullet train.

2. Decepticon assault - The decepticons attack NEST HQ, will they defend it from the menace?

3. Tow line goes haywire - The autobots meet Tow line, the newest autobot to the team. The decepticons capture him and become their slave.

4. Lockdown - The decepticons hire Lockdown, a decepticon bounty hunter to find Megatron.

5. Destruction - The autobots found that Megatron has a new weapon on his side. When they find out they're constructicons, they'll have a big battle on their hands.

6. Big plans - The decepticons plan something big and the autobots need to find out.

7. Spacebridge - The decepticons discover a spacebridge in Antartica and will the autobots top them in time?

8. Secret weapon: D5 - The decepticons are going after a train which they believe it has special powers.

9. The hunt for the Matrix - The decepticons are going after the matrix of leadership, but will they use it for destruction?

10. Autobot Sam - Sam gets hurt and gets transfered to an autobot body and will the autobots save him?

11. The Combaticons - The autobots found an old ship and the decepticons capture its crew and they use their own kind against their fellow autobots.

12.Commando Team - The decepticons destroy dams if the people of Earth won't give in their demands. Will the autobots save the dam?

13.The Test of the Combaticons - the combaticons join the autobots but are they lying or telling the truth?

14. The Race Job - The decepticons set up a race to save Jazz and Cliffjumper, and the autobots meet the stunticons.

15.The seeker - The atobots find a seeker named Jetfire and he tells them about a warning.

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