The version of the planet Earth in the Transformers universe [1] has been visited by Transdimensional Void Runners from a number of alternate Earths including the United Earth Regime (see Void of Earth's Solar System, Void of Earth's Solar System in TVR, and Earth in VESS), the Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller, and A.I.s ruling the Earth in the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne. The United Earth Regime and the Empire of ITD favor the Autobots [2] over the Decepticons [3] in the war over both factions of giant shapechanging robots from the metallic planet of Cybertron [4]. The A.I. robots from the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne attempt to play Autobots and Decepticons off against each other. Neither Autobots or Decepticons have obtained the ability to universe jump-yet.

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