A Greasel


A Karkian

Biomechanical Baboon

A Biomechanical Baboon


A Ceolacanth


A Cyberdog

Transgenics were the names given to Synthetic creatures that were created by VersaLife. As far as the government knows, there have been six Transgenic types that have been created that have been created.


  • Greasels: The Greasels were one of the seven Transgenic creatures created by VersaLife. They resemble large green flightless birds, though on closer inspection it is more reptilian than avian. Its clawed wings are useless for flight, though they do increase the Greasel's speed. These creatures mainly live in the sewers of cities like Chicago and Seattle. Most were sold as pets on the black market.
  • Karkians: The Karkians were one of the seven Transgenic creatures created by VersaLife. The head, resembling a crocodile's, takes a large aspect of the body. Its small, black eyes are positioned in the front of the head, and are easily mistaken for nostrils. A karkian's entire body is covered in large, thick spines, and its skin is almost impenetrable. They now live in the sewers of Chicago and Seattle.
  • Biomechanical Baboons: These creatures were created by VersaLife to be used as war machines. They resemble baboons with four fingered clawed hands, a three eyed face plate covering its eyes and large teeth. Today, the pose a threat to passers by in the Sewers of Chicago, Seattle and Paris. They live in large troops or Packs.
  • Ceolacanth: The only aquatic transgenic ever developed by VersaLife. The resembled large fish with eyestalks, large teeth and one of these can grow to be 10 feet long. They now swim in the sewers of most large cities.
  • Cyberdog: These creatures were also created by VersaLife as war machines. They resemble large dogs with mechanical legs. They now live in the alley ways of large cities. Some were even kept as pets.
  • Grays: The Grays are the only sentient species of Transgenic developed by VersaLife. They were created as a cloning project from DNA discovered in Roswell near Area 51. Also, they are tall, gaunt with Gray skin and black eyes.

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