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The Transit Wiki is specifically geared toward general mass transportation - both public/municipal transit and long-range, focusing on fixed and semi-fixed route services. This is inclusive of - but not limited to - city/county/regional/interregional bus service (e.g., Greyhound), air travel, and rail travel.

In the case of what this would constitute, I propose the following:

  • Municipal transit
    • Complete route information, including history, service level, and routing, but falling short of actually providing the timetables
      • Routing is more feasible to provide here because it practically requires an act of congress to change routing information.
      • If you want the timetable, go to the agency's website. =)
  • Interregional bus transit
  • Airlines
    • Airports served, major routing
      • Similar to transit, above, this would fall short of outlining individual flight numbers; these are so prone to change that maintaining this would be impossible, and is similar to maintaining the agency timetables on a separate website.
  • Rail service
    • Routing, historical routing, station information

A form of this exists here, in the form of the OCTA Wiki, covering Orange County Transit Authority in Orange County, California, US.

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