Transubstantiation is the process by which a Character in Beyond the Veil advances in Rank and gains Attunements.

To undergo Transubstantiation a character must be within their own Personal Demesne, at which point they may shift between Ranks by spending a number of Souls equal to the new Rank and a variable amount of a single type of Substance. The first time a character undergoes Transubstantiation to increase Rank above Shade they are automatically Attuned to the type of Substance used. Generaly, characters will start out with higher Rank, indicating this first Attunement has been chosen.

Additional Transubstantiations to increase Rank must use only a type of Substance to which the character is Attuned unless the character has reached sufficient Rank to gain an additional Attunement. Each time a character Transubstantiates to a higher rank they may still only use a single type of substance, regardless of their number of Attunements. If the character possesses, or gains, more than one Attunment the type of Substance used must be recorded. This is because a character may choose to sacrifice Rank, regaining the Souls and Substance spent. A character that Transubstantiates to a sufficiently low Rank looses an Attunement, in the reverse of the order in which they were gained, but may later choose to regain the same Attunement or gain a different one if and when they restore their higher Rank.

Any forced loss of Souls or Substance which a character cannot immediately pay forces them to return to their Personal Demesne and Transubstantiate down in Rank until they have the required Souls and Substance or are Shades. Immediately after each Transubstantiation the source of the loss is still paid as much as the newly reduced character has resources to pay.

When Transubstantiating to gain Rank the character gains fresh Psyche for their increased Rank and any increases to their Endurance. However, when Rank is reduced through Transubstantiation current Psyche is lost from these reductions. If the Transubstantiation causes the Denizen to discorporate they immediately gain a point of Psyche from being within their Personal Demesne, but either the Souls or the Substance they would have gained from the Transubstantiation is lost.

The Resources needed for each Rank are;

This RankTotalThis RankTotal

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