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Trapped is a The New Adventures of Lara Laramie episode.


  • Lara, Temacu and Miki have to take care of Larita while Miss Priscilla is away. When Larita escapes, the blue heads follow her but fall down a huge pit and they get trapped. The Thug Dolls appear and bring 3 angry bull terriers to chase the blue heads. Will they get out of the pit?


  • Lara Laramie
  • Temacu
  • Miki
  • Larita Laramie
  • Miss Priscilla
  • Thug Pooh
  • Thug Tigger
  • Thug Piglet
  • Casey (cameo)
  • Marina (cameo)
  • Latoya Parker (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see The Blue Heads and Larita at Lara's House as Miss Priscilla, all dressed up in a long green gown, comes to the kitchen)
  • Miss Priscilla: Okay, girls. Please take care of Larita while i'm going on a reunion with my husband.
  • Lara: It'll be alright for me to have mah little sister Larita on mah arms.
  • Temacu: We'll be just fine.
  • Miki: Goodbye, Miss Priscilla.
  • Miss Priscilla: Goodbye, Miki. Goodbye, Temacu. Goodbye, Lara and Larita. I'll be seeing you at midnight.
  • Lara, Temacu and Miki: Goodbye, master.
  • Larita: Bye!
  • (Miss Priscilla leaves)
  • Larita: (giggles)
  • Lara: What's wrong mah little sister?
  • (Larita pinches Lara on her nose and jumps off her)
  • Lara: Ow! Hey, come back here!
  • Temacu: You little meanie!
  • Miki: You'll pay for this!
  • Larita: (laughs while she runs off)
  • Lara: Come back here this instant!
  • Temacu and Miki: Yeah!
  • (The blue heads follow Larita down the streets)
  • Larita: Can't catch me! (giggles)
  • Lara, Temacu and Miki: We told you get back here!
  • (suddenly, the pitfall opens)
  • Larita: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  • Lara, Temacu and Miki: (screaming)
  • (Kuh-Thud!)
  • Lara:

Part 2

Part 3

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