Trapped Behind Enemy Lines is the first episode of Earth-Link: Zero.


The episode begins with a view of Earth's defense fleet of the Earth Empire. We can hear alarms going off, and we see people rushing to their stations.

The Earth is under attack by the Skregg.

The Earth-Link opens, and out of it comes a Skregg Frigate. Earth Empire Frigates in orbit are ready to deal with the threat. Fighters launch from the EE frigates and begin assaulting the invading ship. Just as it is about to explode, two more Skregg Frigates AND two Skregg Cruisers emerge from the Earth-Link.

The Earth Empire, however, ar able to damage the tough ships. Only a Skregg frigate survives and limps back to the Earth-Link.

This is where we meet our protagonists.

First officer Zero stands up in front of the crew and orders a pursuit course. Admiral James "Maverick" Thorak, however, orders the whole fleet to hold back while Zero's starship, the EE Leviathan, goes thru the Earth-Link and takes out the frigate.

The Leviathan makes it through the Earth-Link, and is greeted by a wounded Skregg Frigate and several Skregg Bombers, armed with Photon Torpedoes. This is when we meet Captain "Capin-L" Lennox, commanding officer of the Leviathan. Lennox orders Aiden to wipe out the frigate and bombers. They succeed in taking out the frigate, but the bombers are too swift and too powerful. The bombers succeed in wounding the ship significantly, taking out its weapons and knocking out its reserve fuel supply.

Fortunately, the crew of the frigate makes it to a small asteroid belt nearby. The bombers are quick, but are still crushed by the asteroids.

This eliminated one problem, but presented another: the Leviathan had little fuel left...and their astrogation system was knocked out.

Catscratch suggested restructuring the path they took into the field to get out, but with their astrogation system knocked out, they had no way of knowing where they would go.

Meatbag had an idea to send out a beacon, but it would probably take years for someone to reach it.

Aiden suggested gathering weapons power and blasting their way out, but weapons were too badly damaged.

Zero only saw one choice:go with Catscratch's idea and hope for the best.

With absolutely perfect precision, Catscratch was able to dodge every asteroid in the field. Unfortunately, Skregg Bombers were patrolling the asteroid field, and attacked the frigate. During the attack, Capin-L was killed, and Zero assumed command of the Leviathan.

With incredible maneuvering, Catscratch was able to make the Skregg bombers smash into asteroids while getting the Leviathan out of the field and through the Earth-Link.

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