"Travis and The Magic Roadway" is a 2000 British theatrical Bob The Builder film.

Voice Cast

  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Bob The Builder
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Lorelei King (US) as Wendy
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Alan Marriott (US) as Spud
  • Kate Harbour as Pilchard
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Sonya Leite (US) as Bird
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Alan Marriott (US) as Scoop
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/Sonya Leite (US) as Lofty
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Lachele Carl (US) as Muck
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Maria Darling (US) as Roley
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Maria Darling (US) as Dizzy
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Alan Marriott (US) as Travis
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Farmer Pickles
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/Tim Hoskins (US) as Mr. Builder
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Tim Hoskins (US) as Seemore and Duke
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/Tim Hoskins (US) as Evil 10
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Maria Darling (US) as Daisy
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/Maria Darling (US) as Jim
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Burnett Store
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Laura
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Didi Conn (US) as Stacky Jones
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Barry
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/Alan Marriott (US) as Chaz
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Lorelei King (US) as Mrs. Potts
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Lorelei King (US) as Mrs. Percival
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/Lorelei King (US) as Laura's Mom
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Scruffty
  • Neil Morrissy (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Geoff
  • Rob Rackstraw (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Creaky
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/Sonya Leite (US) as Budge
  • Kate Harbour (UK)/William Dufris (US) as Tammy
  • Neil Morrissey (UK)/William Dufris (US) as P. T. Bumper


  • Shining Time
  • Old MacEvil
  • I Know How The Moon Must Feel
  • Summer Sunday
  • Some Things Never Leave You
  • Working On The Roadway
  • Really Useful Vehicle
  • The Automotion

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