Treehouse Park is a Barney/South Park parody series. It features Michael, the Polite boy, his best friend Shawn, the fat kid Buster and the unlucky kid Danny, who dies in every episode from Season 1 which Michael and Shawn say "Oh my god, they killed Danny! You bastards!".


Crossover Cast

  • Michael - Stan Marsh
  • Shawn - Kyle Broflovski
  • Buster (from STS) - Eric Cartman
  • Danny - Kenny McCormick
  • Mr. Boyd - Mr. Garrison
  • Barney - Chef
  • Luci - Wendy Testaburger
  • Kathy - Bebe Stevens
  • Min - Tammy Warner
  • BJ - Clyde Donovan
  • Baby Bop - Ike Broflovski
  • Riff - Craig Tucker

Voice Cast

  • Trey Parker: Michael, Buster
  • Matt Stone: Shawn, Danny


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