Treehouse TV USA (My Friends Tigger and Pooh) is Pikachufreak's idea where My Friends Tigger and Pooh airs on Treehouse TV USA. Over three seasons and 63 episodes have been spanned altogether.



Season 1 (2007-2008)

  1. Rabbit's Ruta-wakening / Tigger's Shadow of a Doubt
  2. How to Say I Love Roo / Piglet's Small Predicament
  3. Piglet's Piglet's Echo Echo / Roo's Kite-Tastrophy
  4. Eeyore's Tale of the Missing Tail / Pooh, Light up My Life
  5. Lumpy Spends the Night / Good Night to Pooh
  6. Eeyore's Sad Day / Tigger's Bedtime For Bouncer
  7. No Rumbly in Pooh's Tumbly / Pooh Sticks Get Stuck
  8. Buster’s Ruff Day / Lumpy’s Pet Project
  9. You Ain’t Just Whistlin' Tigger / Piglet's Hole Problem
  10. Tigger Goes For the Jagular / Rabbit's New Roomie
  11. Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood / Tigger’s Hiccup Pickup
  12. Darby's Tail / Tigger's Delivery Service
  13. Super-Sized Darby / Piglet's Lightning Frightening
  14. Chasing Pooh's Rainbow / Lumpy Mixes a Mystery
  15. Porcupine's Pen Pal / Piglet's Thousand and One Watermelons
  16. Eeyore's Trip To The Moon / The Incredible Shrinking Roo
  17. Eeyore's Home Sweet Home / Rabbit's Prize Pumpkin
  18. Many Thanks for Christopher Robin / Turtle's Need for Speed
  19. Pooh's Double Trouble / Eeyore Sleeps on It
  20. Darby's Tooth and Nothin' But the Tooth / Snow Problem Roo
  21. Symphony for a Rabbit / Tigger Goes Snowflaky
  22. Buster's Bath / Once in a Pooh Moon
  23. Lumpy's Alvin Goes to Pieces / Rabbit's Eggcellent Adventure
  24. Flowers From Roo / Peck Peck Peckin' on Rabbit's Door
  25. Christopher Froggin / Piglet's Rocky Problem
  26. Darby, Solo Sleuth / Doggone Buster

Season 2 (2008-2009)

Season 3 (2009-2010)

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