Treehouse of Horror II is a seventh Episode of the three season of the American Animated Television Series The Simpsons


  • Homer: Thanks, boy.
  • Bart: I love you, dad
  • Homer: I love you, son.
  • (Homer kisses Bart)
  • (Bart wakes up and we zoom into Bart's mouth as he screams)
  • Bart and Lisa: Mom! Dad!
  • Marge: My goodness, what's wrong?
  • Bart: We're having both nightmares.
  • Lisa: Can we sleep with you?
  • Homer: You both have toliet trained.
  • Bart and Lisa: Yes!
  • Homer: Well, okay then. 4'o'clock. (Sighs) Couple hours I have to get up and go to work.
  • Got to go to work.
  • Go to work.

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