Treehouse of Horror XXIII is the second episode of The Simpsons's season 24.

The Episode is written by Brian Kelley (Opening Segment), John Swartzwelder (The Greatest Story Ever Holed), Robin Williams (Un-Normal Activity) and David Mandel (Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure), directed by Rich Moore (Opening Segment), Kent Butterworth (The Greatest Story Ever Holed), Steven Dean Moore (Un-Normal Activity) and Susie Dietter (Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure) and guest animated by D.B. Sweeney, Sam Simon, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Akiyoshi Hongo, Eric Goldberg, Richard Hunt and Kent Butterworth.

The Guest stars include Matthew Broderick (Tintin), Robin Williams (Captain Haddock), Jim Carrey (Calculus), Marty Feldman (Sarcophagus), Harvey Korman (Zloty), Harvey Fierstein (Karl), Ernie Sabella (Euclide), Eric Idle, Terry Jones (Thompson and Thomson), Richard Dreyfuss (Krelborn), James Woods (Maximus), Alec Baldwin (Franklin Swartzwelder), Bob Hope (Puschov), Neil Patrick Harris (Ivan), John Candy (Rastapopolous), Albert Brooks (Dr. Muller), Christopher Guest (Tom), John Lennon (Newscaster), Ringo Starr (Planter), George Harrison (Artist), Paul McCartney (Sculptor), Linda McCartney (Sculptor's Wife), Michael McKean (Allan), Kenneth Mars (Topolino), Phil Hartman (Lionel Hutz), Charles Grodin (Pierre Carlin), Michael Jeter (Jeff Goldreyer), Gilbert Gottfried (Mushnik Ziff), Steve Martin (Orin Ziff), Rick Moranis (Seymour Simpson), Ellen Greene (Audrey Simpson), Marvin Hamlisch (Pianist), Alan Menken (Angry Musician), Howard Ashman (Furious Lyricist), Glenn Shadix (Dr. Frankenstein), Bill Murray (Arthur Denton), Nathan Lane (Satan the Devil), Vincent Gardenia (Mr. Mushnik), Jon Lovitz (Artie Ziff) and Ron Taylor (Audrey Junior).


Opening Sequence

In the Mayan times, at Chichen Itza, some Mayans check their Calendar, which says the world will end after the 13th Baktun. To prevent this event, a human sacrafice is about to take place. Meanwhile, Glutton has been fattening, preparing himself to be sacraficed. His Prime Minister tells him, that he will be lonely once he is sacraficed, but Glutton says, that he never said anything about sacraficing himself. When a Mayan Priest enters, the Prime Minister reveals that he has a plan and asks the Priest if he's interested in Performing Arts. The Priest replies: "Of course i do" and is told by the Prime Minister to put a sack over his head so he can be the Begger and to go to the Stage, which is actually the balcony, where Glutton would've been executed, instead the Priest gets executed and his head onto the ground, where Kids start kicking him as a ball.

The Greatest Story Ever Holed

Un-Normal Activity

Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure


Lisa Simpson: I'll stay here and guard the Exhibition.

Homer Simpson: All right then. But if you see any crooks like Rastapopolous, call us.

Lisa Simpson: Hey, hey! Don't take the Mop, it's personal. OW! OW! OW! OW! Take the Mop! Take the Mop! It's not personal! Except you, you're staying here.

Captain Haddock: Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacles, what did i do? Hm, maybe i didn't use enough gun powder. Maybe the Machine wasn't working properly, perhaps it malfunctioned before we tested it with Oil. Huh? Yikes! A mini Black Hole! And what's it doing here in Springfield?

Dr. Muller: I believe it's me.

Company: Dr. Muller!

Homer Simpson: How could you deal with the Devil?

Dr. Muller: As you see, Mr. Simpson, i have made a deal with Satan that the Devils of Hell will torment and destroy you both at the same time on Earth.

Lenny Leonard: Puschov and Ivan!

Puschov: We've figured that you will be slaves to Satan.

Ivan: And now, the Deal is not over.

Captain Haddock: Thundering Typhoons, will somebody please explain.

Dr. Muller: With pleasure. It began when Puschov, Ivan and i were at Khemedite.

Dr. Muller, Puschov and Ivan: Hail Satan. Hail Satan. Hail Satan. The Minister of Sinister. Rude Dud with a bad Zud.

Satan: You called?

Puschov: Yes Satan, we called you.

Ivan: Can we offer a deal with you?

Satan: Anything to please you Sinners.

Dr. Muller: As a matter of fact, we do. I want your Devils to torment and destroy the Simpsons in Springfield, USA.

Satan: With pleasure, they have thirty months. But when i return to Springfield, i shall take their entire Home.

Dr. Muller: Perfect.

Thompson: So it was you three, who made the Deal with the Devil.

Thomson: To be precise, it was three yous, who made the Devil with the Deal.

Homer Simpson: Not so fast, traitor! Say hello to the "United Federation of Simpsons Through History"!

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