AKA: Trent

Age: ~30 in Trolls (~23 in year 0)

Looks: 4'5" (~human 8-year-old), straw blond hair, sky blue eyes.

Character: Absolute boy, snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Special skills: Anything outdoorsy, flair for building things.

Family: Firstborn child of Brendan and Hilde von Gratz, born soon after their marriage (Brendan was about 90). Trenton has a little sister Heidi (~8), which is why Hilde mostly sticks near home lately. Hilde is from the prominent Gratz Stovemuessen ranching family, the Gratz equivalent of 2nd tier nobility. Adelbert is Trenton's uncle. His grandmother Sophie is a young half-sister to Friedrich von Bielenfeld, thus he's part of Wolfram's extended family.

Trenton is a tough, happy kid. Tends to brawn and bravado over brains, but he's smart enough, especially fond of engineering works. Unusual among top Aristocrats, his parents married young for love, and are still in love. The family adores camping and outdoor sports together. Brendan packs Trenton along on most work trips, to learn the Aristocrat biz.

Trenton was named heir to Gratz when Brendan succeeded Adelbert (Axel). Trenton is cross-fostered with Dietrich von Bielenfeld. The boys tend to vacation with Trenton's family, and do schooling with Dietrich's, though that may change as Dietrich's home life improves. Trenton aspires to succeed Efram von Bielenfeld as 'head of the horde' of Bielenfeld-Gratz aristobrats. This is a point of contention between Trent and Diet, who also covets the job.

Stories: The Pirate Wedding, Wolfram Takes a Break, Yuuri's Hot Date, The Trouble with Trolls, The Ghosts of Trondheim

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