A Trevin

The Trevin are a race of tall, gray-skinned humanoids native to the planet Trev. Thousands of years ago, they lived on the surface of they planet. But, they moved into the planets sinkholes to escape the sand storms of the surface. Although the Trevins made up just thirty percent of Trev's population, their size and longevity gave them the ability to dominate the rulership classes of the planet. The average Trevin had a lifespan of more than 200 years, and preferred to eat raw meat. Double rows of sharp teeth filled the upper and lower jaws of the average Trevin, allowing them to rip apart their food. Interestingly, Trevins preferred the darkness of the underground cities, despite their natural history as surface-dwellers. Because of their long lifespans, the Trevins were often referred to as Ancients. The head of the Trevin displayed evolutionary adaptations to living on the planet's surface, including vestigial ear-disks that lacked lobes which might have been damaged by wind-blown sand.

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