Here I come Buggy, tricks, tricks, galore!'


Tricks, Tricks, Galore! is an episode of

the thirteenth season.


Widget and Buggy are pushing carts when Widget invents

tricks that include flipping and flopping

and splashing water on others. Jerry

orders Widget to get clean before

taking him and the ballerina to a concert. On

the way, Widget tries her Tricks tricks galore,

thing on the others and mistakely messes up

Walden and Wubbzy's loads. Widget runs

toward the biggest puddle of water ever, but only

succeeds in getting stuck in the mud and

splattering Jerry and the ballerina in water. Buggy

saves her and she wants to do Walden and

Wubbzy's chores so they could see

the ballerina performing. When they are there, Buggy

wants some more Tricks, Tricks, Galore, but Widget

thinks that she is going to Tricks, tricks, no-more.








The Ballerina (does not speak)

Mr. Gummy (cameo)

Bakers (do not speak)

Earl (cameo)

Mr. Toolbelt (mentioned)

Mrs. Toolbelt (cameo)

Robin (cameo)


Resting Home


The Hall

The Junction


Airfield (mentioned)


The thin mouse appears on the poster, but he

isn't the main character.

Widget and Buggy's crew should know better than going

flipping and flopping in puddles.

Walden and Wubbzy's carts should have blankets

on them, especially in such bad weather.

Ropes should be added to Widget, Robin, Walden, and Wubbzy's loads.

When Widget flops over Wubbzy, nothing goes into his carts, but it is said that it did.

After being flipped over, Walden doesn't worry about his skin being wet.

Water couldn't have gone up on the bridge.

Buggy runs too quickly before getting

Widget out of the mud.

When Buggy and Widget are pushing silly carts, two are in front of Buggy. After the whistle is

blown, the carts are gone.

Buggy did not mind being flopped over, but he didn't like it in, Widget's Car Chase.

It is not good to have dips, the tracks would have been washed away.

Jerry tells Widget he heard of the messed-up flour and strawberries from the dairy manager,

but he wouldn't have known.


Wooden- Tricks, tricks, galore Story Pack

FixMaster- Wubbzy in Tricks, tricks, galore!


The US poster

Title Card

Widget and Buggy room poster Wooden

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