Triple Header is a fan-made Thomas and Friends episode idea thought up BiggestThomasFan. It is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Really Useful Engines.


  • Gordon
  • Rosie
  • Stanley
  • Charlie
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Henry (does not speak)
  • Hiro (does not speak)
  • Edward (cameo; passes Henry in a shot of him pulling the express)
  • James (cameo; seen at Knapford Station)
  • Scruff (cameo; passes Charlie, Rosie and Stanley when they are pulling the express)
  • Sidney (cameo; seen shunting when Charlie speaks to Gordon at the beginning)


UK and AUS

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Keith Wickham as Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt and the Knapford Stationmaster
  • Teresa Gallagher as Rosie
  • Matt Wilkinson as Stanley, Charlie and a workman
  • Tom Stourton as Charlie's driver


  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Kerry Shale as Gordon
  • Jules de Jongh as Rosie
  • Rob Rackstraw as Stanley
  • Steven Kynman as Charlie
  • Matt Wilkinson as a workman
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt and the Knapford Stationmaster
  • Tom Stourton as Charlie's driver


Narrator: Gordon always pulls the biggest express train on the Island of Sodor. He's one of few engines strong enough to pull it alone. But sometimes, other big engines, like Henry, get to pull it when Gordon's not available. Gordon loves pulling the express, but sometimes, it can be exhausting work, even for Gordon.

One day, Gordon pulled into Knapford after completing his afternoon run. It had been hot day, and the express had been heavier than usual. And Gordon was feeling very exhausted. So he went into a siding to rest.

Gordon: Oh, I get so out of breath, but nobody cares. They just say I'll be all right after a rest.

Narrator: Charlie was shunting nearby, and he heard everything Gordon said. It gave him a cheeky idea. So he puffed up next to Gordon.

Charlie: I know what you need, Gordon. You need to get Sir Topham Hatt to give you tanks and a bunker. You'll feel like a new engine. We tank engines never get out of breath, you know. Or maybe you need to hear a joke. I've got one; why did the children throw a clock out the window?

Gordon: (Groans)

Charlie: They wanted to see time fly! (Laugh)

Narrator: It was rather lucky for Charlie that poor Gordon hadn't the energy to reply.

Workmen worked hard on Gordon, but they couldn't make him better.

Workman: You need new tubes, Gordon. You'll have to go to the steamworks to have them fitted.

Narrator: While Gordon was at the steamworks, Sir Topham Hatt asked Henry to pull the express. He wasn't as fast as Gordon, but he still managed to be on time. But one morning, just before Gordon was due back, Henry was ill too.

Knapford Stationmaster: We've no spare engine except Charlie, sir. But he's not strong enough to pull the express alone.

Sir Topham Hatt: Hmm... Could Rosie help him?

Knapford Stationmaster: It still wouldn't be enough, but the two of them with Stanley might manage. It's only as far at the steamworks. Hiro's there having a new coat of paint. He's sure to be done by the time the three tank engines get to Crovan's Gate.

Narrator: So the three tank engines were coupled together, with Charlie in front, Rosie in the middle and Stanley nearest to the train.

(Guard blows his whistle)

Narrator: Once the guard had blown his whistle, they slowly started.

Rosie: Come on, come on.

Stanley: We're doing it, we're doing it.

Charlie: Pull harder, pull harder!

Narrator: The heavy train drew out of the the platform. The engines couldn't go as fast as Gordon, but the passengers didn't mind. They knew that Charlie, Rosie and Stanley were doing their best. Expresses are not like branch line trains. They don't stop at all the stations, and the engines don't have a chance to get their breath back. Soon, the three began to feel tired. They struggled valiantly up Gordon's Hill, but the strain was beginning to show.

Charlie: I'm glad we didn't stick there. Gordon would never let us hear the last of it.

Rosie: Oh, no! I think I'm running out of steam.

Narrator: Rosie's driver blew her whistle and stopped the train.

Charlie's Driver: We can't take you off, Rosie. Just do the best you can to keep your brakes off. It's not far.

Narrator: This made things harder for Charlie and Stanley, but they struggle on gamely.

Charlie and Stanley: We're nearly there, we're nearly there.

Narrator: Without Rosie's help, the train was now moving slower than it did before. Charlie and Stanley's axles were aching, but they just kept puffing.

Then, there was trouble. They were just passing the steamworks when Stanley's value burst.

Stanley: Uh oh. I can't keep going.

Charlie: Well, I can't pull the whole train on my own.

Narrator: And so the cavalcade came to a standstill. And there, watching from a siding was Gordon. Sir Topham Hatt, who had been on the train, came to thank the three tank engines.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well done, Charlie, Rosie and Stanley! You did very well to get so far, and now you deserve a rest.

Charlie: Thank you, sir.

Rosie: Yes, thank you.

Stanley: Thank you. I could sure use a rest right now.

Rosie: Me too.

Charlie: Me three.

Narrator: So, Stanley, Rosie and Charlie were uncoupled and Hiro took their place. As Charlie helped Rosie and Stanley away, Gordon looked at Charlie and smiled.

(Gordon takes three deep breaths and winks)

Narrator: Charlie didn't have to say anything. He knew exactly what Gordon meant.

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