Here's the wiki page of Bangalore Trippers, a collection of little getaways from Bangalore, and our experience in planning these little treks.

It all started when we returned from a lovely little vist to Sakleshpur and Kuke Subramaniya. Dear Cherry who could not join us wanted his own trek. Sreekanth wanted to go to the forest, Anand wanted to go to the temple, Edward wanted to start this Wiki. So here's the deal: Each of us puts down his/her (No, there aren't any girls yet, but we were hoping they'd join soon) thoughts on where s/he'd like to go and why. And so this wiki was born.

Mullayanagari Near Chikmanglur is a place called Seethalayanagari. From there you go to Mullayanagari. Start walking up a mountain (highest peak in South india) Walk among the clouds to reach a Shiva temple, where they offer you hot water, food and a warm bed. Next day either return by the same route or go on to the next Bundanegiri and take a bus back to bangalore. Leave Friday night. Return Monday morning. Live to tell the tale. (You'll see the importance of this bit when Sree adds his ideas.)

PS: Moved discussion to the discussion page.

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