Genetic Recicitation Cannon

The S.T.A.R. Labs GRC makes genetic work much easier by manipulating the genes directly.

Genetic Elimination Cannon

The GEC enables its user to manipulate the genetic properties of all living creatures, including the ability to remove, add or awaken latent mutant powers. Primary components are the OsCorp Genetic Devolver and the SynthTech XT-350 Control Chip.

Triumvirate Android

A humanoid robot controlled by Malice. Primary component is the LexCorp Ixus 7 microchip.

Malice's Force Shield

Absorbs a large amount of kinetic energy. Primary component is the Wayne Industries Kinetic Absorber.

Malice's Teleportation Belt

Enables Malice to teleport anywhere he wishes within 100 kilometers. Primary component is the Wayne Tech Nord 3 microchip.

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