Trojan Ammunition Carrier
Models Pattern I to MXVII
Origin Graia
Weight 3.5 tonnes
Hull Length 6.90m
Hull Width 5.70m
Height 3.00
Barrel Length N/A
Ground Clearance 0.45m
Armour 80-90mm
Maximum Speed 80 kph on road, 60 kph off-road
Crew 3 - commander, driver, operator
  • Hull-mounted heavy bolter
Main Ammunition 300 rounds
Fording Depth 1.90m

The Trojan is a workhorse used by Imperial Guard armoured regiments as a tractor for towing weapons platforms and as an armoured munitions carrier, ferrying extra ammunition to the platforms once in position or to frontline units in need of re-supplying.

The Trojan is not a combat vehicle and rarely sees service at the frontline. Behind the lines it is a common sight, trundling to and from supply dumps to forward units. Using the basic Chimera chassis and engine, it is quick to manufacture and efficient in its role, with good road and cross-country performance. It lacks the frontal defensive armour of a Chimera and has no requirement for the Chimera's other features, such as targeters and med-kits, leaving more space in the hold for supplies.

Each Trojan is equipped with a crane to lift heavy crates of ammunition from its hold. Whilst strong enough to move these crates, the crane lacks the power to lift or tow heavy armoured vehicles, and cannot be used as a recovery vehicle to rescue stranded or damaged armoured vehicles. The Imperial Guard uses the Atlas for this task.

As well as its own hold, Trojans often tow a range of supply trailers. There are three main types of re-supply trailers towed by the Trojan. A large fuel tanker, an armoured ammunition trailer and a general supplies trailer for food, water, clothing, etc.

Although it is not meant to be committed to battle there have been many examples of Trojans being converted in field workshops for use in combat. As an (all be it weakly) armoured vehicle, it can be pressed into frontline service by desperate commanders. Some examples of such expedient field conversions are: Adding autocannons to create a makeshift anti-aircraft weapons; ...

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