Tron was once a Matoran named Drenta. But he soon discovered the Crown of power. Almost as soon as he set eyes on the crown, he was overwhelmed with the desire to put it on. As soon as he dawned it, he flet the need to murder those cloesest to him. He slew his entiere famliy, and then his best friend. He fled the town before the other Matoran found out. The power of the crown caused his body to.......change. He became a huge, reptalian creature. With his new powers he annilated the entire Matoran population on his island. He decided that Drenta, witch means "The Pure One" no longer fit him. He reanamed himself Tron, witch means "The Island-Raveger". he traveled from island to island, destroying all life on them. He arivved on Nithro-Nui, where he met quit a bit of resitence. But, with the help of Toa Tarten, he killed the other Toa and mutated Dradus into a snake. Dradus escaped, and in a rage, Tron killed Tarten. He has now arivved at Terros-Nui to destroy everything in an cruel rage.


Tron has joined Ak'Rei'An. He spends his time decapitating helpless Matoran. Tron has created a montrous insect called Grezor, which serves as his stead. He has recently been killed by Dradus

Tron's Apperance

Tron looks like a humaniod, bipedal reptile. He wears a cape and wields a shadow scepter and a black flail.

Tron's Powers

Tron's powers are shadow, mutation, poison, disitigration, pain, fear, explosion, and power absorbtion.

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