Tropical Depression Mike
Tropical Depression (SSHS)
Formed September 11
Dissipated September 12
Fatalities None reported
Damage None reported

Tropical Depression Mike (formerly "Tropical Storm Mike") was the sixteenth tropical depression of the 2017 Altantic hurricane season. Operationally it was considered a tropical storm by the National Hurricane Center but during post-analysis of the storm, they discovered that "Mike" was only a strong tropical depression rather than an actual tropical storm due to a technical error from spacecraft data.

Storm history

A massive non-tropical low with huge amounts of convection located in the central Atlantic fused with another cluster of thunderstorms that were passing by it. The two systems began to merge into one and later formed a low-level circulation. The system was later absorbed by a passing vigorous tropical wave on September 9. Although hostile condtions such as moderate wind shear and dry air from the Shara prevented devlopement, the disturbance began to incerase in convection levels while a warm core formed with a closed circulation.

On September 11, 2017, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the disturbance to a tropical depression. Approxiametly 12 hours later from when it formed, the NHC upgraded Tropical Depression Sixteen to Tropical Storm Mike. It only lasted six hours while as "Mike" before it was downgraded back to a tropical depression. It later degenerated into a remant low due to increasing wind shear early on the next day.


On February 17, 2018, post-analysis of the storm discovered that Tropical Storm "Mike" was accidentally upgraded to a tropical storm most likely from a glitch in the computer hardware or a data error from an orbiting spacecraft that was monitroing the storm.


Because "Mike" didn't affect any landmasses or islands, it caused no fatalities or damages as it stayed away from land. THe name Mike wasn't retired was to be re-used for the 2024 Altantic hurricane season.

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