Tropical Storm Barry (2012)
Tropical storm (SSHS)
Formed April 9, 2012
Dissipated April 10, 2012
Damage None

Tropical Storm Barry was the 2nd storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It started as a weak storm that made landfall in Nicaragua and caused nearly no damage.

Storm history

Tropical Storm Barry formed from a wave that spawned 3 tropical lows. One moved into the Caribbean and didn't develop while the other became TD 1. When it neared Central America, the first advisory was announced by the NHC stating that the the low became Tropical Depression Two. When the depression made landfall, it became Tropical Storm Barry. It dissipated near the coast of the Pacific.



Tropical Depression Two near storm intensity


While Tropical Depression Two was predicted to strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane, A hurricane watch was activated near the coast of Nicaragua. The hurricane watch was deactivated, instead a tropical storm warning due to slow organization.

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