Trosk's Tournament 1 was the first known Trosk's Tournament. This tournament invited the big men of the worlds to compete against eachother to see who would reign supreme. These people do are huge, some of them peaking 7 feet tall, and some over 600 pounds. Of course, there are also smaller people competing, too.



The first trial of the tournament was an NFL-like season. Each participant was assigned an NFL team, whose schedule they would follow for all 17 weeks. After those 17 weeks, the 12-person playoffs would take place. Italized text indicates a rivalry match, and MotW indicates Match of the Week.

Week 1 (Normal)

  • André the Giant vs. Super Porky
  • King Kong Bundy vs. Astaroth
  • Peewee vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Ghostrider
  • Giant Haystacks vs. Paul Bearer
  • Viscera vs. Scarface
  • A-Train vs. Bonecrusher
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Big Show
  • Klyde Pain vs. Hazard Trooper
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Rey Mysterio
  • The Viking vs. Umaga (MotW)
  • JBL vs. The Thing
  • The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Bo' Rai Cho
  • Mark Henry vs. Montiero
  • Akebono vs. Kane

Week 2 (No DQ)

  • Ghostrider vs. Super Porky
  • Mark Henry vs. Astaroth
  • Giant Haystacks vs. Bonecrusher
  • The Viking vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Hazard Trooper
  • A-Train vs. Umaga (MotW)
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. Klyde Pain
  • Peewee vs. Kane
  • King Kong Bundy vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Reelo Baruk vs. The Undertaker
  • Yokozuna vs. Viscera
  • Scarface vs. Paul Bearer
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Big Dick Johnson
  • Akebono vs. Big Show
  • The Thing vs. Montiero
  • JBL vs. André the Giant

Week 3 (Hardcore)

  • Astaroth vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • The Viking vs. Mark Henry
  • Giant Haystacks vs. André the Giant (MotW)
  • Umaga vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Balls Mahoney vs. JBL
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Ghostrider
  • Super Porky vs. Big Show
  • Montiero vs. Hazard Trooper
  • Peewee vs. Bonecrusher
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Bo' Rai Cho
  • Klyde Pain vs. Yokozuna
  • Viscera vs. The Undertaker
  • Scarface vs. Trevor Murdoch
  • A-Train vs. King Kong Bundy

Week 4 (Normal)

  • King Kong Bundy vs. The Undertaker
  • The Thing vs. Big Show
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Big Dick Johnson
  • Hazard Trooper vs. Super Porky
  • Ghostrider vs. Mark Henry (MotW)
  • Astaroth vs. A-Train
  • Peewee vs. Akebono
  • Paul Bearer vs. Yokozuna
  • Viscera vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Bonecrusher vs. Kane
  • Montiero vs. JBL
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Giant Haystacks
  • The Viking vs. Reelo Baruk
  • Klyde Pain vs. Umaga

Week 5 (No DQ)

  • The Viking vs. Ghostrider
  • Astaroth vs. Bonecrusher
  • Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio (MotW)
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Super Porky
  • Viscera vs. Umaga
  • A-Train vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Big Show
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. Montiero
  • Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker
  • JBL vs. Big Dick Johnson
  • Yokozuna vs. Kane
  • Klyde Pain vs. The Thing
  • Akebono vs. André the Giant
  • Scarface vs. Peewee

Week 6 (Hardcore)

  • Rey Mysterio vs. Ghostrider
  • Astaroth vs. Peewee
  • Molotaub the Executioner vs. Giant Haystacks
  • The Thing vs. Hazard Trooper
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. King Kong Bundy
  • A-Train vs. Klyde Pain
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Viscera
  • Big Show vs. Montiero
  • André the Giant vs. Paul Bearer
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Super Porky
  • Akebono vs. Yokozuna
  • Scarface vs. Kane (MotW)
  • The Viking vs. The Undertaker

Week 7 (Normal)

  • Giant Haystacks vs. Astaroth
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Umaga vs. Super Porky
  • Hazard Trooper vs. JBL
  • A-Train vs. Ghostrider
  • Molotaub the Executioner vs. Klyde Pain
  • King Kong Bundy vs. André the Giant
  • Paul Bearer vs. Akebono
  • Scarface vs. Bonecrusher
  • Kane vs. The Undertaker
  • Mark Henry vs. Reelo Baruk
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Montiero
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. The Thing

Week 8 (No DQ)

  • Umaga vs. The Undertaker
  • King Kong Bundy vs. Giant Haystacks
  • Peewee vs. A-Train
  • Big Show vs. Hazard Trooper
  • JBL vs. Klyde Pain
  • Paul Bearer vs. Reelo Baruk
  • The Viking vs. Yokozuna
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Akebono vs. Viscera
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Scarface
  • Bonecrusher vs. Big Dick Johnson
  • Kane vs. André the Giant
  • The Thing vs. Astaroth
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Mark Henry

Week 9 (Table)

  • Rey Mysterio vs. King Kong Bundy
  • Peewee vs. Giant Haystacks
  • Montiero vs. The Thing
  • Ghostrider vs. Umaga
  • Bo' Rai Cho vs. Hazard Trooper
  • Paul Bearer vs. Viscera
  • Super Porky vs. The Viking
  • A-Train vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • JBL vs. Big Show
  • Yokozuna vs. Mark Henry
  • Akebono vs. Bonecrusher
  • Scarface vs. André the Giant
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Trevor Murdoch
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Kane

Week 10 (Normal)

  • Peewee vs. Big Show
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Ghostrider
  • Bonecrusher vs. King Kong Bundy
  • Umaga vs. Mark Henry
  • Hazard Trooper vs. JBL
  • Super Porky vs. Paul Bearer
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Trevor Murdoch
  • Akebono vs. Giant Haystacks
  • Yokozuna vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Klyde Pain vs. Montiero
  • Scarface vs. Kane
  • The Thing vs. The Undertaker
  • André the Giant vs. A-Train
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Viscera
  • The Viking vs. Bo' Rai Cho
  • Astaroth vs. Molotaub the Executioner

Week 11 (No DQ)

  • Peewee vs. King Kong Bundy
  • Ghostrider vs. Hazard Trooper
  • The Viking vs. Big Dick Johnson
  • Giant Haystacks vs. A-Train
  • Super Porky vs. Mark Henry
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Umaga
  • Paul Bearer vs. Kane
  • André the Giant vs. Bonecrusher
  • Astaroth vs. Viscera
  • Big Show vs. Klyde Pain
  • Molotaub the Executioner vs. Montiero
  • The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Yokozuna vs. Reelo Baruk
  • The Thing vs. Balls Mahoney
  • Akebono vs. Scarface
  • JBL vs. Bo' Rai Cho

Week 12 (Hardcore)

  • Super Porky vs. Rey Mysterio
  • The Thing vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Paul Bearer vs. Scarface
  • Mark Henry vs. The Undertaker
  • Montiero vs. Astaroth
  • Giant Haystacks vs. Bonecrusher
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Hazard Trooper
  • Ghostrider vs. JBL
  • A-Train vs. King Kong Bundy
  • Peewee vs. André the Giant
  • Viscera vs. Yokozuna
  • Akebono vs. Kane
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. The Viking
  • Big Show vs. Bo' Rai Cho
  • Balls Mahoney vs. Klyde Pain
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Umaga

Week 13 (Normal)

  • Giant Haystacks vs. Peewee
  • The Undertaker vs. Viscera
  • King Kong Bundy vs. Montiero
  • Trevor Murdoch vs. Rey Mysterio
  • Big Show vs. Balls Mahoney
  • Bonecrusher vs. Paul Bearer
  • The Viking vs. Mark Henry
  • Big Dick Johnson vs. Umaga
  • Akebono vs. Ghostrider
  • A-Train vs. Yokozuna
  • Hazard Trooper vs. Kane
  • JBL vs. Super Porky
  • The Thing vs. Bo' Rai Cho
  • André the Giant vs. Molotaub the Executioner
  • Reelo Baruk vs. Scarface
  • Klyde Pain vs. Astaroth

Week 14 (No DQ)

  • André vs. Bonecrusher
  • Bundy vs. Molotaub
  • Peewee vs. Bearer
  • JBL vs. Mahoney
  • Henry vs. Mysterio
  • Porky vs. Murdoch
  • Rai Cho vs. Astaroth
  • Haystacks vs. Kane
  • Pain vs. Montiero
  • Show vs. Trooper
  • Umaga vs. Yokozuna
  • Undertaker vs. Baruk
  • Ghostrider vs. Johnson
  • Akebono vs. Scarface
  • A-Train vs. Thing
  • Viking vs. Viscera

Week 15 (Hardcore)

  • Yokozuna vs. Baruk
  • Thing vs. Bundy
  • Peewee vs. Bonecrusher
  • Umaga vs. Mysterio
  • Murdoch vs. Trooper
  • Show vs. JBL
  • Ghostrider vs. Porky
  • Johnson vs. Henry
  • André vs. Astaroth
  • Viking vs. Molotaub
  • Montiero vs. A-Train
  • Scarface vs. Undertaker
  • Pain vs. Rai Cho
  • Viscera vs. Kane
  • Akebono vs. Bearer
  • Mahoney vs. Haystacks

Week 16 (Normal)

  • Umaga vs. Henry
  • Bearer vs. Kane
  • Peewee vs. André
  • Astaroth vs. Bundy
  • Viking vs. Mysterio
  • Trooper vs. Mahoney
  • Murdoch vs. JBL
  • A-Train vs. Rai Cho
  • Molotaub vs. Bonecrusher
  • Show vs. Ghostrider
  • Viscera vs. Montiero
  • Undertaker vs. Yokozuna
  • Scarface vs. Haystacks
  • Akebono vs. Baruk
  • Pain vs. Thing
  • Johnson vs. Porky

Week 17 (TLC)

  • Rai Cho vs. Montiero
  • Astaroth vs. A-Train
  • Trooper vs. Bonecrusher
  • Mysterio vs. Thing
  • Bearer vs. JBL
  • Murdoch vs. Show
  • Johnson vs. Kane
  • André vs. Haystacks
  • Baruk vs. Molotaub
  • Viscera vs. Henry
  • Akebono vs. Undertaker
  • Pain vs. Bundy
  • Peewee vs. Ghostrider
  • Mahoney vs. Porky
  • Yokozuna vs. Scarface
  • Umaga vs. Viking

Wild Card



Super Bowl

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