Trouble in the Shed and Other Thomas Stories is a fan-made Thomas & Friends UK/US/Norwegian VHS made by ESF1995. It features two Season 1 episodes, three Season 2 episodes, two Season 3 episodes and two Season 4 episodes and a song.


  1. Thomas Goes Fishing (Ringo Starr/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  2. Trouble in the Shed (Ringo Starr/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  3. Percy Proves a Point (Ringo Starr/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  4. Old Iron (Ringo Starr/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  5. Woolly Bear (Ringo Starr/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  6. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (Michael Angelis/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  7. Toby's Tightrope (Michael Angelis/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  8. Bowled Out (Michael Angelis/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)
  9. Mind that Bike (Michael Angelis/George Carlin/Trine Lossius Borg)


  • Really Useful Engine

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Web Fun


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis in the UK, George Carlin in the US and Trine Lossius Borg in Norway..
  • Distributed by VCI (UK)/Video Treasures (US).
  • Release Dates: Feburary 10th, 1996

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas
  • Bottom: Percy racing Harold from "Percy Proves a Point"

Back Cover

  • Stepney and Duck from "Bowled Out"
  • Thomas at Ffarquhar from "Thomas and the Conductor"

Cover Color

  • Light Blue

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