Troublesome Puffballs is a Episode from Diesel 10 the Claw Engine and Friends 2.


  • Diesel 10 as Thomas
  • Trucks as Edward
  • Thomas as James
  • Puffballs as Trucks
  • Mr. Conductor as Sir Topham Hatt
  • and more


  • Diesel 10: Here are you Puffballs Thomas have you got some bootlaces ready
  • Narrator: And he ran off laughing
  • Puffballs: Oh Oh Oh We wan't a proper engine not a blue Puffball
  • Narrator: Soon Thomas went on and started as his wheels would carry him
  • Thomas: Come Along Come Along
  • Puffballs: We Can't We Won't
  • Narrator: But Thomas wouldn't care and he pulled the screaming Puffballs out the way Thomas is doing his hardest sometimes they're breaks will slip on and sometimes they're acxeclis will run hot and each the trouble had to been put right and each time Thomas has to start again deremt not to let him beat him
  • Puffballs: Give It Up Give It Up You won't pull us You won't You won't
  • Thomas: I can and I will I can and I will
  • Narrator: Slowly but shorly he pulled them along the line at last they reached The Tree's hill
  • Thomas' Driver: Look Out for Thomas will go faster and get them up before they know it don't let them stop you
  • Narrator: So Thomas went faster and soon they were all up
  • Thomas: I'm doing it I'm doing It will the top ever come
  • Narrator: Then with a sudden jerk it all came easier
  • Thomas: I did it I did it Hooray it's easy now
  • Narrator: But his driver shut off steam
  • Thomas' Driver: They've done it again we've left our tail behind look
  • Narrator: The Last Puffballs were running backwards the coupling has snapped
  • and more

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