The Troublesome Trucks are the silly, noisy rolling stock found on any of Sodor's railways. They delight in mischief, and will play tricks on an engine who is not used to them. They are voiced by Keith Wickham, Ben Small, Matt Wilkinson, Bob Golding and Rupert Degas in the UK and Kerry Shale, Glenn Wrage and William Hope in the US. They do not speak in Thomas' Day Off and He cameoed in Steamie Sodor Calm Down Caitlin and Not Now, Charlie!


  • The Troublesome Trucks' theme is the song, Troublesome Trucks. Sometimes is their Season 1 Runaway Theme 

Theme (T,J&H Version)

The Troublesome Trucks' T,J&H theme is their Season 1 theme


Counterparts (Villain Version)

Counterparts (Hero Version)

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