Trousle Undrhil is a character created by Trousle Undrhil. He was created on 19 September 2002.

Writer's Guide

The following details are from Trousle Undrhil's latest WG, posted on 8 January 2006.


Trousle is 14. He's around 5'2, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He's fair skinned and sometimes prone to sunburn. He wears a pair of swimming shorts, a tanktop t-shirt and, currently, a baseball cap which doesn't quite fit him.


Trousle comes from Viridian City. He'd never seriously considered being a Pokémon trainer, although he did look up to Gary Oak, and occasionally went into the gym to watch a trainer challenge Gary to a Pokémon battle. When Trousle received an egg on his doorstep one morning, he decided to venture into the world as a Pokémon trainer.

Friends and Enemies

Trousle considers his mother, Professor Oak, Lisa and Lisa's father as friends.


Trousle is currently carying the following items:

  • Two FastBalls from Professor Oak, which he'd aquired from Kurt in Johto.
  • A change of clothes.
  • SuperPak(r) - a backpack which is almost full with spare set of clothes and FastBalls.
  • One Iron.
  • One unidentified TM, found in his room at the Pokémon Center.


The following is a list of Trousle's Pokémon.

Whoop (Wooper)

Whoop hatched from an egg that Trousle found on his doorstep. He doesn't know Whoop's gender.

Whoop is at level 17.

Whoop's attacks:

  • Slam
  • Mud Shot
  • Hidden Power - Steel
  • Water Gun

Pigwigeon (Pidgeotto)

Called 'Pig' for short, Trousle caught Pigwigeon on his way to Pewter City.

Pigwigeon is at level 19.

Sharpie (Slugma)

Trousle battled and caught this abandoned Slugma in Goldenrod City.

Sharpie is at level 23.


Tangela aided Trousle when he was lost in a remote wooded area.

Tangela is somewhere around level 15.

In The PokéWars!

Undrhil's First Pokémon (19 September 2002)

Trousle finds an egg on his doorstep and captures it in a PokéBall. The egg hatches, but Trousle doesn't recognise the Pokémon inside. He takes it to Nurse Joy, who identifies it as a Wooper. He visits Professor Oak, who gives him some FastBalls. Oak also tells him that his aide in Pewter City will give him a PokéDex.

Trousle's Journey (20 October 2002)

On his way to Pewter City, Trousle is confronted by a Pidgey. With his Wooper's help, Trousle captures the Pidgey. He decides not to name the Pidgey yet, as he wants to think of a name for his Wooper first. He spends the night in the Pokémon Centre.

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