Major Moo

POWER: Astronaut and protector of Earth

Razor Reezor

POWER: Supersharp fangs

Two-Headed Tar Tar

POWER: Unbreakable force field

Sopag the Sniffer

POWER: Astronomical sense of smell

Nocturnal Nanza

POWER: Night vision

Aqua Uma

POWER: Fastest fins in the galaxy

ReMoo the Robot

POWER: Body of steel

Framula Farmer

POWER: Grows space crops

Transforming Torbop

POWER: Shape-shifter

Bizba the Bouncer

POWER: Spring in her step

Right-Leg Lorgon

POWER: Spectacles of fury

Black Hole Bessie

POWER: Consumes all in her path

Blaster Bloog

POWER: Wields a ruby-covered rayblaster

Floating Goki

POWER: An antigravity gal

Eavesdropping Ezo

POWER: Telepathic antennas

Raya Raxollor

POWER: X-ray vision

Flexible Felixa

POWER: Glastic body

Grazer X

POWER: Eats and eats and never gets full

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