Aqua Cow 


POWER: Anti-gravity power.

Atomic Cow

POWER: Harnesses power of the atom.

Break Dance Bessie

POWER: Funky fresh head spin.

Bull's-eye Bessy 

Cannon Cow 

Cave Cow 

Chef Cow 

Chomp Cow 

Cop Cow

POWER: Detains enemies with cow cuffs.


POWER: Roping and wrangling.

Cyber Cow 

Detective Moo

POWER: Always one step ahead.

Electro Cow

POWER: Electric udder shock.


POWER: Flame-hurling hooves.

Forest Cow 

General Moo 

Ghost Cow

POWER: Paralyzing fright.

Hammer Heifer

POWER: Demolishing super strength.

Heavy Metal Heifer

POWER: Supersonic heavy metal strum.

High-pitch Heifer 

Hippie Heifer 

Ice Cow 

Kickbox Cow

POWER: The one-two knockout hoof jab.

Mad Moo

POWER: Brews evil milk potions.

Magnet Moo 

Many Moo 

Mega-Stretch Moo

POWER: Super stretchy cow limbs.

Merlin Moo

POWER: Spell-casting magic hooves.


POWER: Commands sea creature army.

Miss Moo the Knight 

Miss Twister 

Mobster Moo 


POWER: Flaming fire breath.

Morph Mow

POWER: Shape-shifting.


POWER: The tangle tentacle grasp.

Spider Moo 

POWER: Produces sticky webs.


POWER: The super sumo belly bump.

Swashbuckling Bovine 

Vixen Bessie 

Volcano Cow 

Zoom Moo

POWER: Super rapid hoof speed.