Duck does all the work with frieght cars and helps out Joy and Nazz out of a messy accident.


Duck is a Great Western tank engine on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway and loves taking trucks and coaches. Sometimes other engines tease him about his size. Joy and Nazz are two tender engines from Japan. One day, at the yards Gordon, Joy, Nazz, Henry, James and Spencer made fun of his size and strength. Donald and Douglas cruised up one on each side. "Ye woudnae be makkin fun ov her noo woud ye." All six engines jumped and glanced around and at each other. "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no," they stuttered. "That's fine, noo juist keep that wey." and that was the way they kept it!

The next day, Duck was shunting the express for Bear, who was an express diesel that had befriended Duck along with BoCo, Salty, Mavis and The Works Diesel. "Thank you, Duck," Bear called as he pulled out of the station. "You're welcome and goodbye, Bear," Rosie called and set to work shunting trucks in the yards. He arranged James' coal trucks and Gordon's express of eighteen coaches and sixty trucks. He was the middle engine of both trains put the coaches on platform no. two and the trucks on platform no. one. He left to shunt pipe trucks for the Scottish twins to take to the airport and lumber for Henry to take to the barber shop to repair the wall from when Duck had crashed through it. He had everything right on time. Sir Topham Hatt was pleased with his work in the yards.

"Duck, I want you to take some trucks to the quarry, load them up and take them to the airport and once there, collect the empty trucks and take them to the Docks."

"Yes, sir"

He steamed away and gently buffered up to Scruffey. "Such nice manners," he thought. He tried to think of something to tell him but he asked "What is your name, mine is Scruffey." "Mines Duck," he replied and set off. At the quarry, the hopper loaded his trucks, and she set off to the airport with the stone, and once there he collected the empty trucks and headed back to the yard. On the way he was flagged down by a signalman. "Joy and Nazz have derailed coming down the hill with loaded coal trucks," he called to his driver. "Those engines had it coming. They were full of arrogance," Duck called to his driver and he agreed. The signalman called down to the station and told the stationmaster to reroute all trains. Duck raced to the yards, collected Rocky and four low loaders, raced back to the accident and left Rocky there to put the engines on the low loaders whilst he took the long line of hundred trucks to the dockyards.

After that little accident, the engines learned that sometimes in spite of size, engines all have strength.

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