With all that has taken place for Nick Green and himself coming out Steph Yates who wants to finish with Nick wants to make a deal with them. If she can be taken to another year in the Jumper she will never bother them again. However Steph Colledge tells her she will not being going because she could rewrite the timelines of life and even bring death to the Rivers. Steph Yates warns the Rivers unless they do it for her she will not tell them of what Nick Green has set-up after another gift from the same agent yet again is in his hands.

They soon find out that the same name that Scott was told by Kim Knight which is the name of Robert Dorrington has been planning to destory Hatlinks Planet with a device so he could become there leader. Scott and Steph Colledge soon travel to Rocklyn to find that someone in Stephs own family are to do with this.

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