"Trust Travis" is a US VHS/DVD Bob the Builder release includes episodes distributed by Lyrick Studios and Hit Home Entertainment in 2001.


  • Susan The Steam Shovel


  • Trust Travis
  • Susan
  • Spud's Tightrope
  • No Joke For Roley
  • Dizzy's Promise
  • Lofty's Forest
  • The Trouble With Mud

Opening Previews

  • Interpol FBI Warning Screens
  • Lyrick Studios Logo
  • Hit Home Entertainment Logo
  • Kipper Promo
  • Barney's Musical Castle Live Promo
  • Let's Go To The Zoo Promo
  • Bob the Builder Opening Theme

Closing Previews

  • Bob the Builder Closing Credits
  • Bob The Builder Books Promo
  • The Wiggles Promo
  • Lyrick Studios Logo
  • Hit Home Entertainment Logo

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