Duck is a Great Western 57xx class. Sixteen of them remain today. He worked on his branchline called "The Little Western", with Oliver and Toad, and Donald and Douglas the Scottish twins often helped out. One afternoon, he was having a drink at the water tower, when Emily the Stirling Single puffed up alongside.

Emily: I've seen some of your class before, when I was working on the Great Northern Railway. My name's Emily.

Duck: I'm Montague, but I'm usually called "Duck". They say I waddle, but I really don't. I like Duck better than Montague.

Emily: Duck! {laughs} What kind of a name is "Duck" anyway?! Hear about a "cwazy" engine?! Quack, quack, quack! {laughs again}

Molly: {in a siding} Emily, shut up! You know it's not funny! Duck, I'm sorry for what see said.

Duck: Never mind, Molly. Back on the Great Western Railway, everyone would tease me about my name every day, but I learned to live with it.

Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

Sir Topham Hatt: Morning, engines. I have your jobs for today. Molly, I need you to help Gordon with express runs. Emily, you need to take coal to the other railway, and Duck, you're still doing your usual jobs on the Little Western.

Duck: Yes, sir! Goodbye, Molly!

Molly: Goodbye, Duck!

Emily: Bye, quackers!

Molly: {angry} EMILY!

Soon, Emily arrived at the coaling plant, and Henry was here, for he felt nervous. You see, every time Emily claims her love to Henry, he runs away. Thomas and Molly have tried to get them together without Henry freaking, with little success.

Emily: Hello, Henry!

Henry: Augh! Stay away from me!

Emily: I'm just here to collect some coal.

Henry: {relieved} Phew...

When Homeschool and Strong Sad returned, Henry ran off. By the time he ran off, Emily had arranged her train of coal.

Emily: Now where'd Henry go?

Wendy Testaburger: Emily, you know he doesn't like it when you're around him, now come on. We've got work to do.

Soon, Emily was running well. And she came to Gordon's hill. The trucks were making a plan. When they got to the top, they pushed Emily as hard as they could.

Troublesome Trucks: ON! ON! ON!

The trucks pushed her hard, and they raced past Thomas taking on water!

Thomas: Fizzling fireboxes! It's a runaway!

Homestar Jr.: Emily's headed towards the broken bridge! We must stop her before it's too late!

And they raced off to find Duck. Emily was headed towards the old wooden bridge, and remembered Stanley's experience. Wendy applied the brakes, but it was too late!

Emily hung dangerously over the edge of the bridge.

Emily: Oh no! I'm going to fall into the water! Why did I have to make fun of Duck?

The trucks didn't care. They wanted to say goodbye to Emily.

Emily: Help! Help!

Wendy Testaburger: Looks like this is the end, Bebe.

Bebe Stevens: At least we'll get a soft landing... in the water...

Presently, Warrior arrived pushing Lord Stinker the garbage barge to take to Brendam Docks.

Warrior: Oh, no! I must save Emily if she falls!

Warrior pushed Lord Stinker into a suitable position for Emily if she fell.

Emily: Garbage?! No way, Jose! I don't want a soft landing in something that smells awful! Yeech!

When Duck heard the news, he was horrified, and quickly came to the rescue. He gently buffered up to Emily's brake van. His crew, Clyde Donovan and Token Williams coupled him up, and were ready. The bridge was already starting to collapse!

Emily: Oh, no! This is the end! {She shuts her eyes tightly, preparing for the worst.}

Duck: Hang on, Emily! One, two, three... HEAVE!

Duck pulled his hardest, and his best, the bridge groaned even more. At last, Emily was clear of the bridge, just as it collapsed.

Warrior: Way to go, Duck! You're a really useful engine! {chugs away}

Emily: Duck, thank you for saving me, and I'm sorry about what I said. I was only teasing you.

Duck: That's okay. I accept your apology. So, shall we deliver the coal together?

Emily: Aye, but this time, like British Railway engines.

Soon, the coal was delivered, and Duck and Emily made it safely home.

Emily: The coal's been delivered safely, thanks to your help, Little Western.

Duck: Little?! {He sees that Emily's laughing.}

Emily: You're okay, Great Western. So, what's Swindon like?

Duck forgot to be cross.

Duck: It's really big - lots of engines, everywhere. And you have to wheesh really loudly to be heard, sometimes.

And the two engines talked into the night - one Western, one Eastern, but both respectively British.


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